Business Solutions

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IMC's business solutions focus on two themes. The first is leveraging your organization's most valuable asset — its people — to improve performance. The second is understanding the risks present in any process or project to take the steps necessary to minimize it.

What challenges can IMC help your business overcome?

  • Business Solutions for Improving Performance

    MemberCircle and Continuous Feedback System

    IMC offers a suite of web applications that work together or individually to improve performance by increasing your organization's productivity, strengthening its culture, improving member engagement and morale, and successfully implementing change.

    • IMC's MemberCircle solution increases the speed and consistency of communication across even the most complex or disparate organizations. Members can also leverage talent and resources across the organization through social networking tools like shared discussion boards, shared file storage, access to commonly used media, and search profiles throughout the organization for necessary skills. MemberCircle facilitates creating a more efficient and stronger community within your organization.
    • The Continuous Feedback System (CFS) improves morale and engagement by giving employees 24/7 access to a place to offer qualitative and quantitative feedback about any topic in the organization. Managers and leaders can access and analyze the data in real time to make positive changes and prevent problems that can derail productivity before they happen. The CFS has the ability to monitor trends across any topic in real time, allowing organizations to successfully implement changes that impact their members by analyzing data before, during, and after the change to manage any unintended or harmful impacts.

    • Business Solutions for Understanding Risk

      Project Planning and Evaluation Tool (PPET)

      IMC's Project Planning and Evaluation Tool (PPET) is a collaborative, intuitive, point-and-click application that provides insightful, yet easy to understand, graphs and tables to help you evaluate risks in a project or process. Uncertainty creates risk. PPET quantifies risk from three main sources of uncertainty: time, cost, and resources. By quantifying uncertainty and understanding the sources, you can proactively reduce risk or make more informed decisions.

    Need government solutions?

    IMC has those too! Visit our government solutions page to learn about the services we can provide, including: software independent verification and validations, systems engineering, software development, website services, IT support services, and project management.